Words on East Asian Electronica

Linked are my two articles on Entropy about electronic music from Japan and South Korea, including music from mus.hiba, Twomyung aka 투명 in hangul, Takako Minekawa (嶺川貴子 in Japanese), Ookoorookoo (우쿠루쿠), Oh Hee Jung ( 오희정), Nobukazu Takemura (竹村延和), haihm (하임) and Humming Urban Stereo (허밍 어반 스테레오).

Perfect for all fans of k-indie, j-electro and eastronica in general from the 2000s and 2010s, along with current alternative and dance from Seoul, Korea. Fans of j-pop, k-pop and the Tokyo shibuya-kei scene from the 90s ( 渋谷系) will all enjoy Humming Urban Stereo, who I’ve written about before on this Medium blog.

That link is a guide to their best tracks and singles to date, a best of list that includes Easy Come Easy Go, Banana Shake, Rollercoaster, You That Day (넌 그날), their production of Maem Maem (맴맴) by Bebop aka 비밥, Let’s Stay Together, Hawaiian Couple (YMCK remix by ワイエムシーケー), their I, Tears remix for Shina-E’ (시나에), Scully Doesn’t Know, and Abuse Girl. In the Entropy piece you can also hear XXXX from their mini-album of the same name.

Finally, a look at the bingsu pop genre of Korean indie that came from the Hongdae scene in Seoul this decade. These two articles come courtesy of YAM Magazine, and feature Blueberry Muffin Recipe (블루베리 머핀 레시피) by Rururu (루루루), Ice Cream (아이스크림) by Garina Project (가리나 프로젝트), Mango 망고 by CHEEZE (치즈), BORI (보리) with Hey! Rock Dee Jay, and Welcome To This Wonderful Mart (천리마마트에 오세요) by Myu Myu (뮤뮤). Bingsu pop is a new genre of music from East Asia, a kind of millennial indie pop that’ll no doubt take off in China at some point.

-Giacomo Lee, 2016


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