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Hypnagogic beats from the 2010s

My new blog, The Upside Sound, as published on P S Y C H I C W A V E 精神的な波 via Medium, is a little something I wrote to cover various albums I’d yet to hear when writing the annual best of lists and various genre guides I do in my spare time.

It features these artists from the UK, US, Russia and beyond –

Burial – Rival Dealer

NV – Binasu

Clarence Clarity – The No Now

Sophie – Product

音 LIGHT システム- Setup City

音 LIGHT システム – Buy Milk

VAPERROR – Acid Arcadia

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Black is Beautiful


Cyberpunk movies from the East

My new article for Neon Dystopia is one about cinema, taking a look at these cyberpunk films from Japan and Korea –

  • Save the Green Planet! aka 지구를 지켜라! (2003)
  • Super Virgin aka 숫호구 (2012)
  • The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy aka The Adventure Of Denchu-kozo/電柱小僧の冒険 (1987)
  • The Phantom of Regular Size aka Futsu Saizu no Kaijin/普通サイズの怪人 (1986)
  • Henge (Metamorphosis) aka へんげ (2011)
  • Shanghai Dragon by Shoji Kawamori from Genius Party anthology (2007)
  • Toujin Kit by Tatsuyuki Tanaka from Genius Party Beyond (2008)
  • A Forest within a Forest by AUJIK (2010)

Writing this piece, I was glad to discover the director of Super Virgin has since put out his second film, Super Origin (시발, 놈: 인류의 시작), a caveman story from 2016 which is basically the Korean version of American comedy Year One.