Retro Japanese Electronica!

Are you a vinylphile into 1980s J-pop? The experimental and electronic side to Japanese music in the era that brought us city pop,  idols, and the solo production careers of the YMO guys?

This guest mix I did for Radio Valencia’s brilliant Ribbon Around a Bomb should then do it for you. For all fans of Ryuchi Sakomoto, Midori Takada, Visible Cloaks and the brilliant Listen to This! blog. It’s also essential listening for anyone into retro, female-fronted music of the avant garde, ambient & alternative variety.

Stream at:

D-Day – The Sweet Sultan (1986)
Akina Nakamori – 燠火 (1986)
Himegozen – Doll (1985)
Saeko Suzuki – Kaspar’s Statement (1985)
Tamao Koike – Automne Dans Un Miroir (1983)
Taeko Ohnuki – 祈り (1983)
Aragon – Polaris (1985)
Ichiko Hashimoto – Naja Naja (1984)
Portable Rock – Big Turtle (1990)
Dip in the Poll – View (1986)
Chakra – You Need Me (1981)
Syoko – Erewhon (1986)
Mariko Fuji – どんな春が (1982)
Sandii – Zoot Kook (1980)
Miharu Koshi – 薔薇の夜会~あるいは甘い蜜の戒め (1984)
Tolerance – Boku Wa Zurui Robot (Stolen From Kad) (1981)
Koharu Kisaragi – でぱーと (1986)
Buffalo Daughter – Baby Amoeba Goes South (1996)
Takako Minekawa – Flow in a Tide (1999)
Kahimi Karie – Paris, Texas (1997)
G-Schmitt – ES (1988)
D-Day – Dust (1986)
Ichiko Hashimoto – Pachamac (1984)
Aragon – Horridula (1985)
Tamao Ijima – Dusk ’til Dawn (1992)
Koharu Kisaragi – Neo Plant Posi (1986)
Akiko Yano – Rose Garden (1982)
Ichiko Hashimoto – Kitsune (1984)

Enjoy this 2 hour mix by Giacomo Lee, as broadcast March 25th 2017, and linked at my Playlists page on


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