Fiction by Giacomo Lee.


Funereal (Signal 8), April 2015. Buy. Download chapter here or at Boing Boing

Short stories. Click on titles to read for free

Anna Collide (The Morpediera) (Quail Bell), November 2010

My Angel Rocks Back and Forth (Ex-Voto) (This Zine Will Change Your Life), February 2011

Now Take That (Apocalypse Apocalypse, Totalitario) (Ranfurly Review #15, pg14), June 2011. Excerpts here.

Viper (The Rage of a New Ancestor: 2010 New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology), December 2011

Tarahumara (Strap It On) (Midnight Train Anthology), February 2012. Buy

Nobody nobody (Weeraesque) (Mr. Cheng’s Silver Coffeepot: 2011 New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology), May 2012

Xanthe Terra (Aspidistra #3), August 2012. Buy

Emm, Daniel Stone (Avid #1), May 2013

Cubby (L’Allure Desmots #11), August 2013

Conway (Ming Mongs #2), August 2014

The Blue Lagoon (Spores) (L’Allure Desmots #16), February 2015. Buy

養蜂場にて (二コタン)  – a Japanese translation of All Around the Apiary by 眞鍋 恭子, (日本語:ショートショート: Short Fictions in Japanese), March 2015

Extras & flash fiction:

Little Feet (‘80) (Lit Up), February 2011

Beanpole (Gag Me With A… #5), February 2012

Black Nazarene (Gravity’s Fool) (L’Allure des Mots #5), February 2012

Friend Request? (Seedpod Twitter Fic), January 2013

The Aisle (Seedpod Twitter Fic), May 2013

Preah Vihear is Cambodian (Piece on Nobody nobody), November 2013

Timelee (Piece on Viper), December 2013

Apocalypse! (White Day, not today) (Poxymash #1), September 2010. N/A

Last Angel ^_^ (The Beat), November 2010. N/A

R*d Tr*ck excerpt (from lost verse novel, in *Retracted* anthology published by shitty publisher), November 2011

Hanal Pixán (The Filth #5), January 2012 (*Shortlisted for 2011 TSS Short Story Award) . N/A

Crushworld (The Filth #6), April 2012. N/A

All Around the Apiary (Nikotan) (Tsuki #6), October 2012. N/A