Selected Articles by Giacomo Lee, author of Funereal.

On Funereal

Does Writing About Suicide Inspire Suicide? (GW: Idea, Thinking, Opinion), April 2015

Darkness, Mannequins and Funereal (Groove Magazine), November 2015

A Writer’s Progress (Groove), May 2016

On Music

Essentials Lists & Genre Guides + Analysis

Defying Sex Laws: Reading Into Beck’s Midnite Vultures (YAM), June 2013

Eastern Electronica (Entropy), December 2015

Essential Vaporwave Albums (Entropy), June 2016

Girl in the Shell – A Look at Japanese Cyberpop (Neon Dystopia), January 2017

The Dystopian Sound of Massive Attack (Neon Dystopia), June 2017

Portable Rock – ダンス・ボランティア, 1987 (Listen to This!), July 2017

All-Girl Sounds of Now (Metropolis), July 2017

East Asia: Travel & Culture

Culture & Pop Culture

Review: Confessions (Wildgrounds), February 2011

PiFan 2013: The Tiger Mask (Japan Cinema), July 2013

A Cute Conformity? (Medium East Asia), February 2014

The Best of Humming Urban Stereo (Medium), June 2014

Cinepunk from Korea to Japan (Neon Dystopia), February 2017

History & Travel

Gangnam’s Sherlock Themed Café (Medium East Asia), July 2014

The TARDIS Pub & Grill: South Korea’s Doctor Who Theme Bar (io9 O-Deck), April 2015

No Seoul: Why Busan is Korea’s Must-See City (Medium), April 2015

The 3 Korean Temples You Shouldn’t Miss (Explore Everyday), March 2017

On Books

On comics & literature

The X-Files Comics Unfiled (io9), April 2015

Review: Wrecked Hearts by Mathilde Kitteh & Luca Oliveri (YAM), June 2016

Nudl Nude (Or, The Strange Korean Comic I Found in a Love Motel) (Medium), March 2014

Normal Class No. 8 is the Weirdest Webtoon (io9 O-Deck), August 2015

Seoul, Cybercity of our Dreams (Neon Dystopia), May 2017

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