Selected Articles by Giacomo Lee, author of Funereal.

On Music

Defying Sex Laws: Reading Into Beck’s Midnite Vultures (YAM), June 2013

Eastern Electronica (Entropy), December 2015

Essential Vaporwave Albums (Entropy), June 2016

Girl in the Shell (Neon Dystopia), January 2017

The Dystopian Sound of Massive Attack (Neon Dystopia), June 2017

Portable Rock – ダンス・ボランティア, 1987 (Listen to This!), July 2017

All-Girl Sounds of Now (Metropolis), July 2017

Profile of Zoom Lens record label (Metropolis), August 2017

Japan’s Strange & Beautiful Sounds (Long Live Vinyl Issue 8), October 5th 2017

Playing the Long Game (Long Live Vinyl Issue 10), December 7th 2017

Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (20th Anniversary piece) (Long Live Vinyl Issue 13), March 7th 2018


On Visual

Cinepunk from Korea to Japan (Neon Dystopia), February 2017

Seoul, Cybercity of our Dreams (Neon Dystopia), May 2017

Doctor Who & the Vintage Comic Universe (Infinity Issue 5), October 12th 2017

The True Spirit of ‘The Simpsons’ Lives On in These Bootleg Zines (VICE Ink Spots), December 13th 2017

Anime Beyond Akira: The Construction and Destruction of Cyberpunk Tokyo (Little White Lies), January 15 2018

Interview feature with Julian House (Long Live Vinyl, Issue 14), April 5th 2018

The Pop-Up Punk of Once Upon a Time Amid Trees (Brut Magazine, Issue 2), April 2018

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