Selected Articles by Giacomo Lee, author of Funereal.

On Funereal

Does Writing About Suicide Inspire Suicide? (GW: Idea, Thinking, Opinion), April 2015

Darkness, Mannequins and Funereal (Groove Magazine), November 2015

A Writer’s Progress (Groove), May 2016

On Music

Essentials Lists & Genre Guides + Analysis

Defying Sex Laws: Reading Into Beck’s Midnite Vultures (YAM), June 2013

Eastern Electronica (Entropy), December 2015

Essential Vaporwave Albums (Entropy), June 2016

Girl in the Shell – A Look at Japanese Cyberpop (Neon Dystopia), January 2017

East Asia: Travel & Culture

Culture & Pop Culture

A Cute Conformity? (Asia Pundits), September 2013

The Best of Humming Urban Stereo (Medium), June 2014

Cinepunk from Korea to Japan (Neon Dystopia), February 2017

Seoul, Cybercity of our Dreams (Neon Dystopia), May 2017

History & Travel

Gangnam’s Sherlock Themed Café (Medium), July 2014

The TARDIS Pub & Grill: South Korea’s Doctor Who Theme Bar (io9 O-Deck), April 2015

No Seoul: Why Busan is Korea’s Must-See City (Medium), April 2015

The 3 Korean Temples You Shouldn’t Miss (Explore Everyday), March 2017

On Books

On comics & literature

Review: Batman: Knights of Vengeance (YAM), September 2011

Review: Xombi (YAM), September 2011

The X-Files Comics Unfiled (io9), April 2015

On manga & manhwa

Review: Wrecked Hearts by Mathilde Kitteh & Luca Oliveri (YAM), June 2016

Nudl Nude (Or, The Strange Korean Comic I Found in a Love Motel) (Medium), March 2014

Normal Class No. 8 is the Weirdest Webtoon (io9 O-Deck), August 2015

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