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Interview on Radio Kimchi, Kingston Green Radio FM – London, 10/05/2016 (Soundcloud)

Interview on Radio Kimchi, Kingston Green Radio FM – London, 10/05/2016 (Alternate Link on Mixcloud)

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Neon Bunny – Comm Ave

Casker – 1103

Humming Urban Stereo – Easy Come Easy Go

Primary – See Through

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From Avid Magazine #1. Questions by Ekaterina Sverdlova. Read Avid here for free

Why does writing appeal to you? How did you decide to become a writer?

As Flannery O’Connor put it, ‘I write to discover what I know.’ It’s the only chance in waking life to evaluate yourself, and all around you. It’s a chance to get all thats’s stored in your subconscious out there in recognisable form. Plus, I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t a writer. I decided to become one when my first short story got published. Before then I was a writer, but only for myself. I became less insular, and it felt good. Now I want to share with the world what I know.

What are your favourite subjects to write about?

I used to write a lot about white men pretending to be someone else, then being discovered for who they really are. Maybe I’m a white man pretending to be someone else? Anyway, it’s boring to write, and to read, so now I write in other voices. Other races, and sexes. (I am pretending to be someone else, haha.) I usually touch on a hint of the mystical, the touch of the technological. Memes and dreams.

How would you describe your story for Avid, ‘Emm, Daniel Stone‘? What is it about?

An urban romance, as subtly played out against the backdrop of London. It’s about a young man who thinks his name is being sprayed around town. He and a new friend follow the breadcrumb of clues.

What’s the inspiration behind it?

When I first moved to London, I kept seeing the same graffiti tag around the city, in different areas: Emm, Daniel Stone. Central London, or zones 3 and 4. Everywhere. I didn’t get the joke. There was nothing on the internet. But one day I found the answer by chance. Memes and dreams, like I said… It’s really an ode to my first year in the capital. 2010, all over again.

So, you say you’d been seeing the same mysterious Emm, Daniel Stone tag, and you found out what it was by chance. Do you mind sharing this story? How did you come across the answer? And what did this tag mean?

I saw the tag sprayed on telephone boxes, and billboard-sized theatre posters. Emm, Daniel Stone, as either sprayed or scrawled with felt tip on advertisements. I did a little Googling and found a few photos of the tag upon brick and derelict storefronts. So other people had noticed, but there were only two Flickr photos out there, and their uploaders didn’t know what was going on either. No writing existed on the tag, nor on Daniel Stone Himself. The mystery continued until one day, on my lunchtime walk around Leicester Square, the same walk I’d been doing for more than a year by my workplace, I came across this bin by the station, and on it was a little square piece of paper, black and white photocopy kind of quality. It was an advert for an album by a guy called Daniel Stone. From what I could see, he’s a reggae artist based in London. But if you try Googling him, you find the same lack of info as before. He’s a rare thing: a purely physical presence in our digitally layered world. N.B: In my story I say he does Christian songs in a dub style, but that’s completely my own invention!  (First published May 2013. Emm, Daniel Stone can be found on page 8 of Avid #1)